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Italian pugilist, Davide Cenciarelli, setting the world record at seventy smashed watermelons 

And back to...b-l-a-c-k boys.  

Just leaving those two words alone.  Unlike a rousing, musical number from Hair, 'black boys' become a label or tag - loose.  As a Floridian ballot's hanging chad, the identity is inscrutable.  Higher courts are compelled to toss it aside.  Of a lesser ether, in lower case - the letters, "b" to the "l" to the "a", et cetera - outed yet un-POST marked - draw upon every Other cultural connotation.  Most are quite disparaging.  These surround-sound-stereotypes cast their votes until base is effectively blurred.  Trayvon Martin was one, yo - the blur of boy.  However, he, like the late Ennis Cosby, was not gang-banging, or profiteering from illegal narcotic sales, or flunking out of school or...or...  Or whateva else might conceivably justify his or any slaying.  

Skittles, ice-tea, hoodie-due-to-rain, off to watch a basketball game.  Do we not insult the positive fathering of Tracy Martin when his son was returning to a 'gated' home?  Alas, this discussion takes the sharp turn left to where other fathers - not the grieving Mr. Martin - have and do fail. 

Do we accept this - and by 'this'?  One means blur.  Little else is easier to miss(t).  Will we allow conflicting wavelengths to crash upon Actuality like a post-tsunami?  Is the link inevitable or does it beg further examination as a symptom of POSTness?  Is one alone in hearing the static betwixt two opposing channels?  How does George Zimmerman's desecration of gun rights' advocacy automatically lead to the fatherless plight of our youth - when the boy mourned had an involved figure?

When two, divergent issues merge, one is deeply concerned for the loss of not just the specific subject - in this case, a boy - but how the monumental meaning disappears in the illuminating encounter that resulted in his death.  There will be no open letter - unapologetic in the Ism outing.  Although that Ism did not die of natural causes - either, Dominant Cult gave it a memorial in January 2009, upon swearing in POTUS.  "U" got erased; "S" was switched around - just pre "T".  Now, POTUS spells out POST.  

We are left with 'conferences' on how boys can improve their chances of being valued by those who do not believe they have any further, interior exploration relevant to race dynamics.  Past that; POST.  One searched hi n' lo for the "national conversation", lead by early ed, social behaviorists or television's Supernanny.  Might they have interpreted how the Sandy Hook students might have walked, talked, dressed, or how the manner in which the Newtown parents reared them might be revisited to prevent the massacre?  That conversation did not, like a bullet, stray from the shooter's psyche, his autism treatment, his relationship with his mother, and even, albeit lickety-split, gun control.

The stark diff seems too distinct to allow.  Should not distortions be checked ere long they wreck?  DissOrientalized discourse begins to rear its hideous head when least expected or intended.  Even a presidential, as well as the definitive comedian's commencement speeches - appreciated as most alert - can still veer uncomfortably close to lecture of a Morehouse class.  By nature of graduation from the foremost HBCU, is it not their legacy, like MLK and a host of esteemed alumni, to turn their tassels and that presumed page - not post, nah, but present as vital? 

Crucially, one must communicate how much she wishes, upon both the closest and farthest star, that detained humanity in orange jumpsuits have first, the access and secondly, the incentive to don commencement garb whether incarcerated or fully rehabilitated amongst us.  May they be embraced as Us, equal citizens - excepting the right to vote.  One advocates for their - which is 'our' - advance.  Complete inclusion for the whole and no less.  Copious shout-outs and highest hollas - now - to the hunger striking inmates at Pelican Bay.  Howeva, my good peops, our mutual marginalization becomes excruciatingly emphasized when celebratory moments of accomplishment become platforms to patronize those not in the penal system and most likely to succeed. 

Same goes for tragedy.  

A speaker should always 'know' their audience.  We are far past the age of all-looking-alike.  In defense of those esteemed, implicated in this critique, POSTnessity has made race so abstract, that such discrepancies in audience identification are bound to occur.  Sinusoidal waves, after all, are a unit of physics - not a concept in the executive branch of government nor executive produced entertainment.  Perhaps, such public addresses at private, acclaimed institutions - where wavelengths wage a subconscious war - are the post-consequence of blur.  Does George Zimmerman's view, then, stand (ground) alone and entirely isolated from the righteous, empathetic ether?

Since the dreaded discussion of 'race' sends some from the room, screeching inaudible, POSTified expletives, let us rely upon a separate analogy.  May it better illustrate wavelength - done gone wrong.
We shall extract the letter, "c" from "race" and implant "p".  Rape - as metaphor - may be more amenable to residents of POSTopia.

Imagine a college campus with reports of date rape on the rise.  Perhaps, most of the allegations are directed at a sports team on campus - say, polo or lacrosse.  The response of college admin is to 'educate' young women, in a pamphlet - with strategic, small print.  

                      - Like unicorns on Noah's Arc, only transport in pairs.
                 - Pyrex wine glasses will be dispensed with measuring demarcations.  
                                            No more than a half glass of Chardonnay at co-ed 'outings'.  
                                            A whole glass will compromise prosecution.  
                                            You are responsible to observe the red line.  
                                            3/4 of a glass will subject you to a grey area of victimhood. 
                                            As the average undergrad is under the legal drinking age of 21 years, 
                                            all of the above - by law -
                                            can only be presented as a hypothetical suggestion.  
                                            Still, any cork - popped - can and will be used against you.  
                      - Speaking of red lines, do monitor skirt hems.  
                 - Consider how the practice of birth control can send a conflicting message.  
                 - Transport by night - if you must function after sundown - only in well-lit areas.
                                            Such will jeopardize female representation in STEM careers - granted.  
                                            This will be a deterrence to astronomy as a major or field of study.
                                            Stark darkness is required for the most advantageous thus awe-inspiring stargazing.  
                                            Find solace in pseudo-fact:  
                                            Like fighting terrorism, these sacrifices keep the populous safe.  

The bulk of funding for this anti-rape campaign is self-defense classes.  Yo, fists of post-fury.  As such 'instruction' will be offered free of charge...

                - No excuses to not earn one's post-black belt.  

Keep your fashionably edgy, vegan, faux-embossed, skinny belt tight when not training in this martial-absurdist-art.

Rape has two wavelengths.  Their frequencies happen to be disturbingly complimentary;   convergence is seamless: 

                                                                                                                                                                           © NASA

crest = act of violence/ trough = exercise of misogyny 

How does one, then, pull rape from its root when the executor of misogyny is excluded from the cure?  The only 'frequency' mentioned is the rate of rape - when reported.  XX chromo co-eds are encouraged to monitor their drink - like hawks distracted from actually socializing - at a party.  XY chromo co-eds, contrarily, are not told, "Hey, please cease and desist with stolen roofies prescriptions.  For those of you who do not drop the pill in the cracked, half-empty glass, if you witness an obvious-inebriated individual being dragged to the back room, ponder, possibly, intervention."  If the polo or lacrosse team is never implicated - thus - nor challenged in constructive dialogue, whilst the whole of XX chromodom - in said team's orb - is sweating and grunting at rape-prevention boot camp...  Help one out, gentlesoulfolk.  The previous sentence - in long fragment - is left to the mind reels. 

To bring this analogy full circle, one should attempt to define the wavelengths of racism.  Alas, as it is dead or POST, how...exactly?  Is exactitude not the very meaning of keepin' it real?  This particular blog post is the lament of/for exactitude and how its disstance equates the amplitude of H2Omeloncholy.  Waiting for GourdOh ** a frequency nigh frustrated by its uncharted water, in a hue of 'code pink', smack-dab in front of us, as a wet ring around our plate.

Wavelengths of the current conversation?  Young, bodily blur who might as well be melon-splitting, nunchuck-yielding, sorority sisters.  


a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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© 2013 
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