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meddle passage

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                                        'JUBILEE' variety of watermelon                                           self-explanatory
How far we have come from the forced sojourn of a genocidal atrocity that was the Middle Passage.  Is a 'meddling' passage progress, one ponders, my good peops?

One is inclined - albeit H2Omeloncholic reluctantly - to answer in the affirmative.  The historic term, 'free blacks' earned a different connotation in the month of May.   We found the unofficial athletic ambassadorship of Dennis Rodman in North Korea book-ended by the passport coup d'etat-wrapped wedding anniversary of Jay-Z and Beyoncé in Cuba.   Contrary to their ancestors, all three 'agents' did indeed choose their travel. 

Now, Cuba?  Hey, one gets; we all get it.  As a squirt of watermelon in the eye, some were stung when two, working-...middle-...upper-...adorned-class Other-ed-Ethnics decided to celebrate jumping the broom, not just abroad, but on a forbidden isle.  Gall goeth forth.  Pity that such 'flight' still warrants controversy when the average 'Merican probably hears "Bay of Pigs" and...

A.) assumes it was some Groupon they missed for the latest restaurant chain specializing in   
      customizable sauces in-a-cone for all-one-can-eat 'spare' ribs.  
B.) assumes it is some tweet from PETA for a flash mob protest at the free range pork farm  
      that supplies the aforementioned establishment affectionately named by rib aficionados, 
      'the Bay'.

Please, gentlesoulfolk, please do know the above is not intended to diss 'Merican awareness of geopolitical affairs.  Quite the contrary.  This here is the anti-snark blog.  To avoid one's own natural inclination towards cynicism, ye wilt note how each post concludes with the phrase "compassionate critique".  Admittedly, this is less a tag line for the reader and so much more, a constant reminder to your author to keep it real - 'it' being one's intent, as well as tone, in posting.  In fact, one will not waste the dear reader's time any further on said digression from topic.  One remains most confident that particulars of the account of the Bay of Pigs invasion has won you ample street cred during the Double (or 'Twoness') round of Jeopardy

One 'went there' only to illustrate the weak reasoning in refusal to lift the Cuban Embargo.  'Tis way past time although one fully comprehends the resistance to do the inevitable.  Certain tasks require an initial admittance inconceivable for this proud country.  

We lost; get over it. 

Such is a treasonous concession.  'Merica?  We.  Win.  Period.  And when we don't, the blood Red in our White n' Blue is not congenitally wired to acknowledge defeat.  The reflection in our national mirror is that of the Bald Ego Eagle. 

Alas, like hemp farming of our forefathers ('Our' is most applicable as The Framers inhabit more H2Omeloncholy DNA than descendants of the Mayflower and Ellis Island), the infinite implications for industry spur not legislators to reconsider the antiquated policy.  Perhaps...peep this:  if conventional discourse began to rate oink-oink-pinko-commie Cuba as 'Post'?  Thaz right!  Once one is Post, one is expected to adopt amnesia for all past transgressions and proceed in the present, wading in a fog of non-referential reality.  POSTness may be Cuba's lone opportunity to reignite a viable U. S. trade route.  If so, Cuba would prove itself a (w)holistic revolutionary for it would be the first - and last - to post-benefit from post-sanctions.  Mo'ova, increased trade would immediately equate greater tourism.  Such would remove lucrative pop culture curators from da government's meddlesome list and elevate them to the estimable realm of post-embargo, post-pioneer.  With that implausibility as exoneration, let us turn - slowly - to North Korea. 

The fifth wedding anniversary is symbolized by wood.  Gratefully, many believe that giving is better than receiving.  'Twould seem the famed couple - in Cuba - gave the U.S. state department some mild cause for 'wood', i. e., proverbial 'erect' attention.  Nevatheless, kickin' it in Castro's 'hood held no kinda comparison to Mr. Rodman's travel itinerary.  

From hip hop to basketball.  Incidentally, both enterprises - in this context - become parallel gateways to egalitarianism.  Perchance implications for the Middle East?  Have we unearthed that enigmatic two-state solution?  Is there a hoop and a turntable at Camp David?

The bromance of 'Lil Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman was filmed for Vice, an HBO show executive produced by melon-conscious comedian, Bill Maher.  In many ways, North Korea has no melon.  Our nation's adversary - amongst the vast array - is not occupied with the cultivation of other produce to nourish an entire populous.  They keep it real and prefer straight-up starvation to the hypocrisy of franchised malnutrition.  A priority of military readiness over North Korean famine has resulted in omission of subsidies to their corn farmers - to grow the crop for the manufacture of corn syrup - to then sedate The processed plate.  Constructing feed for animals biologically in opposition to the digestion of corn does not appear on their agenda either.  They also have yet to sell the food pyramid to Monsanto.  

North Korea possesses an organic chemical, universally more profitable.  A seat at the global table is insured with a volatile threat.  An invitation is something else altogether.  Regardless, when one makes oneself matter - by any means - an empty seat with one's calligraphed place card is implied.  Like Cajun coconut shrimp in a phalanx upon an hors d'oeuvre tray, or a decent petite syrah from a vintage year pointed cork first at the hostess, threats - of the nuclear variety - will never be ignored.  Enter plutonium.  Watermelon, after all, even cubed or balled into a martini glass, is a minimal diuretic.  

Nigh equal to edible nutrients during a meal, the forked conversation counts.  The discourse of dinner can be elemental to our well-being.  Mr. Rodman spoke more to North Korea than his country allows.  He cast himself in a cavalier role unique to the average ride of cavalries.  Mr. Rodman's demonstration was respectfully consistent with the reckless lifestyle once associated with the retired NBA player.  Diplomatic dy-no-mite, if ye will.  Surreal, ain't it tho'?  This above-the-rim reality?  It was; it 'went down'.  Like that.  This absurd episode of Magritte paintings managed to avoid international incident other than a D.C. beltway anxiety that brought to bear H2Omeloncholy

Can ya dig it?  Woe to post-blackness on holiday!  Strangest days amongst us when otherwise, innocuous vacations become embroiled in our highly delicate, political apparatus.  Border crossing ain't just a 'brown' issue.  Privilege - itself - is too much like an Am Ex card.  Dominant Cult's privilege may be a membership that then, has its own privileges.  DissOrientalized privilege is rather challenging to observe for its restrictions are not as contractual as cultural.  When privilege of Other-ed Angst proves materially excessive, such can create an effective illusion of a glass ceiling shattered.  Open air achieved?  Route as wide as miles high?  Blue skies of freedom of movement versus diplomatic grey haze.  All over one's head - too much to decipher with a mouthful of melon.  Three hailing from the homezgentry of celebritdom - in but one month - on boats.  (O-tay, 'planes' but trippin' not upon that distinction.  Why?  This is our ninth post so you catch one's drift.)  No longer abducted cargo in the hull of a ship's horror but instead, Titanic-Di-Caprio-ian-style as "Kings/Queen of the world".  And yet?  The dialect spoken was of a language broken, in post-dialogue, prematurely uttered.  Their 'advance' seemed - at the least, H2Omeloncholic- and at the most, lost in translation. 

Perchance measure of the least from the most is linguistically irrelevant.  Thaz the thing about POSTnessity.  "Lost in translation" may be an apt synonym for H2Omeloncholy™.  

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

© 2013 KM Fikes 
© 2013 
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from KM Fikes is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to KM Fikes & with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  No excerpt or link may be used for monetary compensation.

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