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interstellar MELONdium

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interstellar medium?

All the stuff.   In the void.  'Dark' matter or that empty unknown of gas n' dust betwixt stars or planetary bodies.  Everythang that fills up 'outer' space.

The between bits were once dismissed as not as consequential as the decorative light show of celestial activity in our universe.  Recently, astrophysicists have decided to reexamine our vast, interstellar medium for a value, perhaps, crucial to our understanding of...what is.

30 Doradus
   Hubble captures a star-forming region                                                                                                                            © NASA

The big bang of electing a Commander-in-Chief, leader of the 'free' world - of African descent - understandably spurs on POST advocates.  They are quite apt to note such a pinnacle of advance.  A female billionaire as the doyenne of daytime programming, prior to owning her own network, also deserves telescopic gazing.  The inarticulate, i.e., H2Omeloncholic question, however, is what is recanized exactly - access or anomaly?  POSTness, itself, can and will be argued.  'Tis only the former, 'twixt access and anomaly, that can serve as solidified proof of any POST-ing.  Hypothesis must graduate to theory.

Stars shoot not PAST this space but thru it.  Sum'in goin' on.  And it counts.  Maybe that 'sum' means most of all.  Phenomena throughout our galaxy can leave astronomers in awe and unjaded by cosmic events.  They seem to manage avoiding the reductive label, 'post', which then insinuates 'common'.  Nevadaless, this new consideration of the interstellar medium is encouraging.  It relies upon the ionic 'everyday' or the molecular 'next door'.  Quiet occurrences, all around, in Space otherwise ignored - might now speak their peace.  Is it not here where we may learn more about ourselves and subsequently, crack the codes of happenings deemed surreal - merely by their apparent rarity?

And what of the friction right before explosive interstellar activity?  Firstly, kudos to astronomers for not skippin' on, past the signs, unlike the tardy 'read' of their Earth-bound 'contemporaries'.  If one may quote oneself from a prior post, RE: estimation of Isms:

Cracked glass half-full?  Nuanced.  Cracked glass half-empty?  Insidious.  

Point?  My good peops, all does matter.  Else in quantum speak?  All is matter.  One is intrigued by interpretation.  Meaning can continue to will itself despite how wildly its compass spins.  From the devoutly religious to New Age proponents of the metaphysics movement, Romans 12:2 and/or John 15:19 seems to draw a bizarre consensus:

in this word, not of it.  

One 'gets' the sentiment.  Above the fray is where/how we find our way.  Be not mired in the minutia of mediocrity.  Does that 'level', howeva, not pay the least amount of homage to our planetary potential?  It seems to accept less as the norm.  'Saving' ourselves, then, demands our separation from the galactic fabric that binds 'all' - or could.  If we are, each n' ev, stardust - after all - should we not only claim but herald this...medium...interstellar or otherwise?  Is it not just as much our world as it is the very 'Us'?  What if the 'medium' was/is no middle ground where growth is stable and thereby, stunted?  Might an atmosphere be...yet...for our best?  Imagine with one - if ye will - sumi'n (inter)stellar.  The cacophony of self-defeating inner dialogue, let alone its bastard progenies - toxicity of text-ed gossip or sting of comment section-ing - longer.  Poof, done gone, once instantaneously sucked into a black hole.  Could the world, itself, be such a sphere - the zone only prone to awareness of our excellence?  

Is art the highest form of terrestrial expression?  What other message do we possess that can infinitely resonate?  When non-performative, we experience art absent its creator.  Sorta.  Inspiration is eva kinetic, leaving that offering within art racing with a pulse.  Notably - when so privileged - close encounters do 'go down' with 'unknown' artists.  When we prove bold enough to identify as Creatives, tracing ourselves in orbit, what question tends to follow?  

"What's your medium?"

'Take responsibility' has become such a loaded catch-22 pistol.  Seems part political conservative accusation and part Stand-ed Ground law for self-help ethos to take back power.  Whateva works.  How well is that concept - or charge - working for we who be the unwashed mass?  Is authentic power an entity that ever needs defense against fear of others or requires any act of its own retrieval?  Why approach this habitation of our shared space in 'air' of contention?  Can we not honor the otherwise, volatile Void thru insistence upon equal autonomy?  Instead of 'taking' responsibility, might it be - a la naturelle - fused into, until absorbing a pure intent?  Perhaps, outright, uncompromised ownership of our stock in the stratosphere is a level of inclusiveness that might just elevate collective consciousness.  Is not every thought and feeling that emanates from 'our' quantum core - before the acts or interactions to inevitably follow - sum'in down-dirty deep, a kinda rollin' hard relevance?  H2Omeloncholy, i.e., Other-ed Angst, is the residual affect of dissOrientalized existence.  Are we all in - together - or not?  Are we 'here' by degrees so stark that some are in, others of (a few out), with a multitude stuck somewhere in da muddled middle?  Yo... 

IN = Access  OF = Anomaly  

POTUS has been consistent in his reply to left-bent critics about unheeded requests for policy change: "Make me do it".  Such would plant us squarely succinctly in the nebula of democracy.  Think: yon politics of cosmic performance art.  Personally - as our interior evolution is the real work that we each face - are we making ourselves?  One is refreshingly less concerned - momentarily, in that query - with a call for individual action.  When charitable deed or civil participation is obligatory, perhaps, it takes the power of interstellar inclusion for granted.  Even mo'?  One invites, daresay, implores the initial acknowledgement or recognition of the Self, as Society, as a state in/of space.  Are we all not, indeed, 'making up' as we go? 

Melon flesh leaves nuttin' left of itself but gnawed rind and spat seeds.  Once composted?  Fertile as integral: ass to ash and dust to must.

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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