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Being John Malcovish may prove easier than being chartRUSE.  One refuses to tie oneself in knots over the matter of strict adherence to a chartRUSE ethos. 

Perchance, options exist.  There is being chartRUSE - fully inhabiting the ideology.  Next?  Bein down with chartRUSE - selectively inspired and sincerely admired.  Thaz exactly how one shall roll...or is that roll up, post-knotted...

Not just any knot, my good peops.  Try anti-chartRUSE snakeskin and leather knots in bespoke H2Omeloncholy.  Yo, can ya dig it?  Catch you on the flip side: chartreuse and mint green by innovative accessory designer, Katherine Kwei:

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Lest one be remiss in drawing the reader's attention to pink crystals strategically catching light upon the exterior.  A prescient Ms. Kwei seemed to sense a surrealist blogger might just excavate her 2009 clutch from the eBay mine in 2013.  Although, how did she sense one's further appreciation of this glittery allusion to faint stains of H2Omelon juice?  Thanks so, fellow 'K' Creative.  

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With exterior tricked-out in strip upon strip of green - smooth iridescent mint and snake-scale-textured chartreuse - what color might possibly line the interior?  

'Paint Chip Series: Striped Watermelon Green'

Boom shacka lacka...

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Serendipitous, ain't it tho'?  Mad melon-ups for inside/out consistency.  Tempted to sew in some polymer clay black seeds - scattered about the red upholstered 'flesh' for full absurdist impact. 

Daps n' props for knots...albeit banned in 'Merican elementary misseducation as recently as June in Ohio...
AND Oklahoma this September...

And yet, gentlesoulfolk, is not the Chinese "Eternity" knot a kissin' cousin to the Bantu knotted coiffure? 
Katherine Kwei advertisement
PINTEREST/ copyright origin unknown

Due to public out post-cry, knots were reinstated - forthwith - at both afromentioned primary institutions of learning.  Reconstructive surgery on the unbending leg in the lowercase letter h can allow it to yield to n.  'happy' then - once restored - is 'nappy'.  Welcoming back 'fro equates Bush signing the No Knot Left Behind Act.  
Kelly Osbourne of Style Network's Fashion Police guest co-hosting CBS' daytime, The Talk

Sweet potato...sweet potata.  

Fo'sooth, one being's school suspension is another being's judicial appointment to a cable network's bench of fashion jurisprudence.  Or?  One being's school suspension is another being's iconic sex symbolization.
Bo Derek in motion picture, 10, 1979

  Knots are no strangers to circuitous 'routes'.  

File:Triangular trade.jpg
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Alas, in post-'Merica, STEM curriculum suffers upon our proud shores.  Perchance school administrators in both Tulsa and Lorain were teaching this real world lesson in geometry.  Less than an attempt to implement exclusionary policy, such may have been a 'protracted' experiment.  They were willing to sacrifice reputation and appear rather square.

copyright image

Pointedly, educators know that knots are accustomed to 'trade' offs more triangular...

A knot is contingent upon the act of joining One with Other - hence the matrimonial metaphor.  Knots intertwine particles to entrench what Matters.  Knots - two ends - quantum and/or cotton, hobbled together to tie up a Mammy's tamed 'fro and poise itself just inches above her Third Eye.  A knot could hold some aspect of that ancestral angst, positioned - just so - atop her 'New World'.  A knot might also openly display the dexterously communicable 'hobby' of generational Chinese feminine folk art. 
© 2013 KM Fikes

Ms. Kwei celebrates classic Chinese knot artistry as her trademark.  In the saturated world of IT handbaggage, such is a choice stylishly inspired as culturally intriguing.  Whilst her contemporaries in the luxury 'good' market strive for an alleged post-aesthetic - waxing a compartmental box most utilitarian for its symbolized status - she has chosen an element as original as ethnic.  Ms. Kwei's upscale line is anything but POST.  In paying overt homage to the past, she garnishes an ostentatious edge for her product on par with the post forward sophisticate.  

DeCONstructing the very bounds that define elegance is woven into this blog's intent.  Katherine Kwei's tied construction seems to allow some slack in the tension, creating beauty from its 'principle' material - truth.  The official website for her wares elaborates thus:
"Innovative design, exceptional quality, and a deep reverence for tradition are the foundation for accessories designer, Katherine Kwei's design philosophy. As a young girl, Kwei remembers spending afternoons with her grandmother folding wonton dumplings, knotting cords for necklaces filled with jade and precious stones, and looking over the intricate embroidery patterns of old quilts and robes. Kwei's grandmother who was a clothier "stylist" for silver screen legends Katherine Hepburn and Anthony Quinn, as well as a master at Chinese knotting, instilled in Kwei a deep reverence for her cultural roots and passion for working with her hands...

... With the Spring/Summer 2007 launch of her own handbag line, Kwei's designs aspire to seamlessly blend modernity with tradition by creating her own unique texture using luxury materials, while staying true to her signature Chinese "Eternity" knot-inspired weave as the main focus.

Her goal is to create collections that are of outstanding quality and timeless designs - much like the art of Chinese knotting that she learned from her grandmother, which is integrated throughout her work.

Deeply ingrained in her heritage, Kwei draws much of her inspiration from her Chinese roots as well as her experiences from living globally in nine different cities including Athens, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and New York."
© 2013 KM Fikes

Katherine Kwei may be as much accessory-acceleratin' artist as surrealist string theorist.  One cannot wait to pair her jumble of chartRUSEdissOrientalized 'fringe' with one's own pair of loosely knotted still-let-Ohs...
 © 2013 KM Fikes

One, howeva, reluctantly concedes to the decorated choice that must be made - at least for lone ensemble - betwixt carriage of the Kwei purse and one's own single-knotted H2Omeloncholy cuff.

DissOrientalization is the awkward silence in the midst of post-cultural cacophony.  Diligent observance of the Art of the Edit allows each piece the breadth and scope of repazentation.  Once REinstated for socio appropriation - quite an absurdist one-act within itself - we can grapple with the prospect of autonomy of adornment.

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from KM Fikes is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to KM Fikes & with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  No excerpt or link may be used for monetary compensation.

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