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               ruse = wily subterfuge

Merriam Web can be prone to poetry.  Other definers give RUSE - the trickster noun - an opening act with the introductory adjective, "clever".

Eh-hem...                                      a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Words matter.  How they do.  The evolution of movements - Ism eradicating, environmental, artistic - requires insight, event and symbolic repazentation.  Word, according to Genesis, was there - "in da beginning".  One suspects Word will be there - at 'the end'.  Take August 28 - both this blogger's birthday and the anniversary for the March on Washington.  On this day, fifty-years ago, the standard was set for peops upon the National Mall - not Minnesota but DC.  One moment was a paradigm shift.  A young nation remains in its own form of continental drift.  How can a moment etched in depth upon the Washington Monument seem framed in red plastic with two knobs 'at bottom', opposite ends?  Shake.  POST, dare to create a masterpiece out of nuttin' but line after line.  Fallen into a blur of historic lore, August 28, 1963 begs its own sort of liberation.  To the chagrin of authentic advance, that outta-sight has almost become a mythologized memory.  The masses - more numerous than imagined in a collectively composed decorum Sir-passing expectation - remain the ultimate vision.  Such - still - constitutes Image.  A Dream, once come true - will - validate Speech.

Nascent 'green'.  Alas, the term describes all things eco.  In highest regard for intent of the green movement, one seeks sumi'in H2O-fold:  May green's poli-aesthetic only increase in sophistication; may such interpretation embrace its own absurdity.  Therein - one proposes - we shall find green's edge...and thus appeal...and hence its arc.  Is not lunacy less offensive than historic lore?  "Yes, we care".  One cares enuf to beseech the rise of green's oomph n' flare.  

Po-lease, already!  

The anthem for Kermit-de-Frog set angst to song.  However, it could also be the theme music for the systematic exclusion from publicized discourse of the Green Party come each election cycle.

              chartRUSE = post-green or environmelonism

Albeit one cannot speak for the late pioneer of puppetry, Jim Henson, Ray Charles may have opposed one's summation here.  In 1986, the late musician extraordinaire was the featured artist on 60 Minutes.  The late Ed Bradley inquired as to his recollection of color:  

"I remember my mother, naturally, you know, Lord rest her soul. I remember my mom. But I remember colors, you know, basic colors," said Charles. "I mean, they got some come colors now that I don't know what they hell they're talking about. But I remember things like black and red, white, but now I'm not sure about chartreuse or some of the other stuff they got."

If surrealism tinkered with the color spectrum, might chartreuse give it pause?  Why are most curtains in grand opera houses Harvard crimson?  Austere artistry can have at that provincial choice.  For the following scene, please direct thy focus - down - to Toto.  Note the shade of fringe at the curtain's hem.

Curtains in Théâtre de l'Absurde are likely quilts from amorous drawers tossed on stage.  That or tasseled chartreuse - right along the border.

Hattie McDaniel's historic Oscar tour-de-force with co-star, Vivien Leigh - Gone With the Wind, 1939
Carol Burnette with Harvey Korman, Went With the Wind parody, Carol Burnette Show, 1976
 copyright Industry images

The avante-garde of greens conjures absinthe hallucinations that inspired Alphonse Mucha prints and swirled round the glass of Bohemians from La Belle Époque period.  As fashionable fertility, Mama Earth is unapologetically implied.  
Alphonse Mucha 1896

Chartreuse paneled more than its fair share of Tiffany lamps' stained glass.  It balanced rich jewel tones in the intricate wing pattern of dragonflies.  Chartreuse, along with other funked-up post-pastels, was all the Art Nouveau buzz.  
                                                                                                                                  copyright image

As a design choice, it renders era incidental; chartreuse EXudes ultra post-modernity.  Could very well be the Other-ed tint bent of gentlesoulfolk.  Colour de rigueur, eva chic, chartreuse happens to be da stripe o' melon: 
American Museum of Natural History 
                                                                                                                                                                  © AMNH\D. Finnin

Cool is for glaciers (melting under polar bears).  Cool is a bebop riff or cocktail neat as stiff.  Cool is what chartreuse was before it got too hip for itself.  Outta unadulterated boredom, chartreuse moves green's goldpost.  Mistake it not for green extreme like yoga on a typerope.  ChartRUSE is an existential as ecological coup d'état , i. e., H2Omeloncholy™ incarnate.  One has been Waiting for GourdOh.  To that North Pole wish list, one also adds a jazz progeny - preferably of unconventional identity as well as a non-batterer of their spouse.  She/He/Other is destined to compose Kind of Chartreuse.

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue recording, 1959

(At this juncture in the blog post, the reader will note the use of color capitalization.  Such is not a grammatical inconsistency.  Here, the colors have been practically anthropomorphized.  Traits associated with proper names suggested raising their bars - literally - with a capitoll letter.)
For our internal health?  Green is satisfied with its dairy substitute from Whole Foods.  Green may even purchase organic dairy from a local farmer's market.  Post-green, Chartreuse is either the vegan abstaining or homez insistent upon goat camel milk - straight up - raw, enzymatically alive and fleeing the FDA.  Chartreuse practices a civil disobedience in support of Amish farmers who roll hard, yo.

For our external wealth?  Green buttons up the reclaimed-wood, frog buttons beneath the Mandarin collar on its hemp-linen Nehru jacket.  Thaz Green.
     cork knitted bolero by Colleéctive Casa GRIDGI, 2013
designers, Mónica Gonçalves and Ruben Damásio with the assistance of António Almeida

Now, chartRUSE?  Pop that cork, baby.  'Tis way past the whine.  

"My work has been about looking for justice. I've given up justice. Now I'm looking for grace."
Anna Deavere Smith at the Aspen Institute

When the political apparatus - in its place - becomes too daunting to harness the energy of egalitarianism, a Chartreuse lifestyle becomes a compromised alternative to post-equanimity.  When social justice proves mo' fickle than wine taste-making, Chartreuse is the post-frontier with limits none.  

 runway cork jacket, NY Fashion Week, 2006
[Cork Runway Photo] 
© label DDCLab      
  spring/summer 2013
 © Maison Martin Margiela

H2Omelonworn thru, one turns to innovative ware for possibility no longer as distant promise.  When every other fabric that would bind our experience is torn asunder, we are left hangin'.  The loose threads of POSTness mean the raising of an arm - in mere inquiry - will split The 'seem'.  Green promotes sustainability; Chartreuse sustains purpose.  Cannot our backbones and 'took-up' arms be that TENSE canvas for inspiration?  Post-zeitgeist, present and accounted, Chartreuse apparel covers.  Dichotomously surreal, such concealment is revealing.  Compartmental chartreuse wardrobe departments long to sync with consciousness - at least as the premier layer upon dissOrientalized skin.

POSTness erodes the granite of erected memoriam, forcing this warped inversion of MLK's Word:
"...not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character."
Evan Biddell's cork line, fall 2010
                      copyright images

  Megan Taljaard, 2012, Carapace Cork Dress
Carapace Cork Fashion Design: Carapace Dress Image Supplied by Henrique Wildinghttp://plascontrends.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Unknown.png
© Henrique Wilding

Chartreuse forgoes snobbery for sustainability.  It is beyond Birkenstock yet poised for 'clever' commentary on the Birkin.  QUEORK's founder, Amanda Daily, has made this Hermès asterisk nigh herbaceous with their iconic her ironic Quirkin.

Born on the forth of July tenth anniversary of the March on Washington.

Freedom is one fierce application to H2Omeloncholic ChartRUSEians It cannot wear away - so easy.  Making it material - thru sustainable means - carries us farther.  Equality morphs - too oft - into amoebic juxtapositions, unquantified/unqualified and therefor, ephemeral at best.  Progress is supposed to be synonymous with forward movement.  POSTnessity fragments such momentum into cosmic debris that forces us to strain towards the heavens, no longer trusting skies.  There, our observation is as circular and tilted as planetary orbits.  Venus - 'fro to max blaxploitation or blonde flow on the half shell - no longer compels the artist to exalt the XX chromo nude.  Prior to death, in her prime, she has been donated to science for the study of her greenhouse effect.  Chartreuse is not yet in the post-domain.  Its green tonality finds its strength in being muted.  Practical jokers - all:  

Cork =  faux-suede
Chartreuse =  da new anti-color
Charted-RUSE =  pseudo-greeneo-CONcept  

Straddlin' that 'post' of (H2O)abundant naïveté & (Au)majestic mettle:  Ain't quite 'green' nor quite 'gold'.  Does hip hop's time signature or the bard's iambic pentameter best encapsulate Other-ed Ethnic Angst?  Merchant...or Otherwise Called Jew of Venice (Act VII, Scene 2) doth not dissappoint.  
 [stage driection]
as Morocco unrolls scroll:
"All that glitters is not gold."

Meanwhile, the eye - so easy - to seduce, is drawn to those stars shining most bright.  Fascinating, ain't it tho' - how that spark is the mark of celestial demise?  Thaz how stars exit galactic stage left.  Interstellar luminosity - at its blinding height - signals finale, if not, ovation.  Stars shoot or blaze, past, garnering their most stylized admiration - ere they die.

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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