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enter sex shun

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November 4, 2008 = President Barack Obama?  check
November 4, 2008 = (precedence of) Prop 8?      check

June 25, 2013 = Voting Rights Act(Section 4/5)?  void
June 26, 2013 = Prop 8 constitutionality?            void

Please consider humming the following post to School House Rock's, Interjections:

En...ter...sexshun!  Entersexshun!  Entersexshun!

Intersections and contradictions.

Oh, but they fuel one's H2Omeloncholic inkwell.  How well one remembers that historical night of November 4, 2008.  Count your author as one conflicted Californian.  Had this distinct, uneasy sense - which one now can articulate as H2Omeloncholy - that a 'proper', progressive Negress was politely suppose to sigh whilst silently wishing da Gay find a way...some day.  What must have been that internal struggle, however, of our LGBTQ brethren/sistren with 'Hope' bumper stickers impossible to remove from parked hybrids?  He was in; LGBTQ was out.  

Out for being 'out': invalidated legally by voters of a state that has given so much of itself globally - save its gender poli tolerance(once past the Castro).  California is a 'state' of/in contrasts - saving bald eagles and incarcerating Black Panthers Steinbeck published a trenchant literary voice to migrants 'central' to the state.  His prose turned pages and hearts; Chavez aroused the poetry of protest.  North, California has given us the innovation of Silicon Valley - unleashing platforms for us to define.  Then south, the celluloid fantasy pokes a profitable diss to arrest ancestral memory that would - if It could - frame our (w)hole Union.

LGBTQ Californians canvased - in droves - for an "evolving" POTUS.  Too many cheered with tears on November 4, 2008.  One tear was joy; the other pain.  Woe to those o' Mothaland descent.  And mad props to 'outs'-of-color - especially - for enduring a category-H2Omeloncholic whirlwind of emotion.  Blurred, queer eyes watched the White House land upon the watermelon-striped-rind stockings of our nation's past, inherited Dorothy's ruby still-let-Ohs, and stumbled forward to kick fallen, chipped, gold-plated bricks - all the way back to Kansas.  

Fast forward, gentlesoulfolk, to Summer Solstice 2013 for a 'rainbow' ruling five technical years in the making.  Roll the true dial back - way past 1969's Stonewall.  

Forget not, tho', sweet, sweet intersection.  Timing can be quite the teacher.  

Astrophysicists - to their credit - do not always agree on their own accepted theories.  However, they seem to stand united in the belief that time is speeding up due to the universe expanding.  Such could easily be refuted by measurement of the Civil Right's Movement.  Dr. King's quote proves less social change champion than quantum scientist: 

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

 Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover

Poetic as prophetic, ain't it tho'?!  Whom does one thank and how does one ascribe all rights reserved?  Momz Nature, herself (or her Quantum Cuz and his boy, Property o' Light), Martin Luther King Jr., the nascent 'Friends of Dorothy' - "ova da rainbow" before Gilbert Baker, the Betsy Ross of the inaugural Pride flag, or Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition?  My good peops, whom amongst the spectrum of Other-ed Angst owns the copyright here?  

Leaving all of the above nominees for your consideration whilst one returns to this concept of entersexshun.  Too giddy about this premo example where "bent" or refracted light intersects the prism ( abbreviated respite, please, from the immediate sentence?  Shall we not rest, just for a bit, with that profundity?  C'mon, now - prism - 'transparent'...with its own 'angle'...) to then release a full-spectrum arc.

On this day, less protection for enfranchised, straight peops of color precludes support of astrophysics.  Feels less like hurling thru space than being halted.  Yet again.  If equality's trajectory is a string, POSTness is only the air left, once one end of said string has been chopped off to hang frayed and unknotted thus destined to unravel.  POSTness - all air - is a seductive mirage of the roughest terrain somehow smoothed.  MLK knew there is no smooth sailing "toward justice".  Quite da contrary, our 5-4 SCOTUS ruling succumbed to this 'strung theoretical' tune of the Siren's harp.  We are left concussively whiplashed with residual, physical ick - quantum physickal, that is.  This queasiness is a symptom of interstellar dissOrientalism.  H2Omelon seed tea is highly advised.

Nevadaless, the societal shift for marriage equality is proof of time on asteroids.  The former paradigm has done far mo' than turn a page.  It done tore it out and folded that page in half to demonstrate some quantum principle galactically far beyond one blogger.  No other change - before - of cultural significance has transformed public opinion seemingly light years ahead of the progressive calendar, according to the words of Dr. King.  May LGBTQ citizens, and thus our nation, navigate this course free of an Emerald City asteroid storm of POSTnessIt was there, in the capital of Oz, that Hope was at its height right before being warned to "pay no attention" to the being "behind the curtain".  His name ain't Wiz; that, there be Siren POST.
Click dem dissOrientalized heels.  Back to the farm and out of technicolor.  

All hail symbiosis, baby.  The day after the 1965 Voting Rights Act cracks - uniformly held up high as the pillar of Civil Rights - an adjacent pillar seals up injustice.  DOMA down lifts jurisprudence up.  Californians are quick to put their whims on a ballot.  For better or for worse, such is an exercise, if not mild exploitation, of a Voter's Right.  Today, we celebrate citizen error and system correction.  Yesterday, in regards to race, the black-robed-branch of government took the opposite route thru affirmation of institutional wrong.  Our stability is so fragile because its strength is more conjecture than conviction.  Those ruby still-let-Ohs tend to take two, swishy switches forward and one electric-slide back.  

This moment of a stripped ballot on the eve of a validated bed is no coincidence, irony, nor dichotomy.  None, whatsoeva.  It is H2Omeloncholy laid bare and we thank the Supreme Court - even Justice Thomas, yep, him too.  Hold up...reboot, if ye will?  Like Dorothy's prediction of missing Scarecrow upon vacating Oz - weepy, with Toto pressed to our red blue gingham-apron-ed, adolescent bosom: 

"Scarecrow Thomas, I think I'll miss thank you most of all." 

Keepin' IT oh-so real.  Most mute upon the bench, POSTnessity is the lone oral argument after before Mr. Thomas.  Grateful, we are reminded - too well - of our work, not by nudge but slap upside the napps.  POSTness, now?  It can coax the less conscious.  There is a gravity to Reason whilst POSTness is melon sweetness and lite.  Then, there are those of us half-hip.  We know our work is never really done.  The spectrum should invoke our awe.  Although, sans the weight of critique, the light display blinds rather than emboldens.  Too?  We keep watch on the clock.  Time dost not tick nor tock; it races against known reality.  Vigilance is the only tool to tweak this most complicated, intricate experiment otherwise called our democracy.  Not one statute can be taken for granted.  Freedom is interconnection manifest.  Is equality not relative to the bar we set for not just the conventional experience of liberty but its most eclectic and timely expression?  Is it not, like SCOTUS rulings but one day apart, null and void whenever any citizen is less validated than another?  We are only - all - as emancipated as the least amongst us whom is considered and moreova, confirmed as (w)holistically present and counted.

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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