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ichabod melon

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 Boo!  My, good peops, wishing you n' yours an H2O All Hallow's Eve.
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Today's holiday originates from yon border to beckon Mexico's Day of the Dead.  And yet?  Once upon again, H2Omeloncholia finds links less South than East.  Squeezed into squares or priced to auction, melon  - in Japanese culinary culture - makes a frequent dissOrientalized guest appearance in this absurdist blog.  Here, Asia, South America, and The galactic infinities are eva waterwelcomed: 

Can ya dig it?  Not for nuttin', Shakespeare sho' nuff didst name his original theatre, Globe.  Mad melon ups n' dap.  Revolve on, baby, spin...all in.

What is more surreal than quantum folklore?  Upon this Eve o' Spook, a resounding shout- out (with a pound tossed in fo' good measure) to the myth/tale/or what ye will...known in Japan as the mujina - which is oft confused with the similar Noppera-bō

For some, the mujina is a badger or raccoon dog who happens to change form at will.   

by Toriyama Sekien

For othas far mo' provocatively inclined, the mujina is a faceless XX chromo agent - a blank-canvased visage absent detectable features.  Popular renderings describe her, head in hands, weeping.  The 'victim', concerned, may approach the stranger seemingly in distress.  She turns, revealing a non-face.

Quantum myth or qualitative Matter?  One shall leave her existence to thine esteemed discretion, homez.  Hawaii, howeva, much to the shivering chagrin of alleged witnesses, has reported actual sitings.

Granted, the raccoon dog or raccoon b-tch with 'masked eyes' is all too tempting to dissect misogynist undertones evapresent n' abounding in a holiday erstwhile committed to fright but now bent towards fornication.  How unnerved one finds oneself - not to champion coitus.   Unsettling indeed.  Still, one must relent to this neo exploitative uniform as confusing that most narrow pumpkin in the patch with Da Pole.  Emphatically, one dost not diss Pole as profession.  Contrarily, exotic labor has long deserved to emerge from Oppression's seediest of shadows.  To organize.  

© Twentieth Century Fox
Sally Field in Oscar-winning role, Norma Rae, 1979
Labia Liberation.  

NOTE:  LL?  Firstly, apologies to Cool J.  Further, 'tis no remedial turn o' poetic phrase bred of erotic, alliterative pandering.  Rather, one attempts to reference the notion of not eyes, nor nose, but XX chromo lips - north or south - smeared off into silence.

And yet, yo?  Google Maps fails to locate the wisdom in parading punany power suits down the same bucolic boo!meloncholic street as candybarred-inebriated Junior - years yet from wetting a dream.  For evidence supporting a Pole aesthetic within the otherwise healthy wardrobe of apocalyptic warlocks and witches, prithee, peep thy local paper.  Courtesan accoutrement asserts its autonomy in the guise of a lascivious lawyer sucking on the tip of her eyeglass frames' 'temple'.  Turn forthwith to the colorful section of current deals.  It is there, upon the endangered printed page, amongst discounted carved gourds - orange, not striped green - that thou wilt spot a 'naughty' nurse in white fishnets, Red Cross garter, and unmentionable band-aid.  

Obama...O'RomneyCare, alas, is not a single-payer system.  A nigh bureaucratic buffet for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries serves the bachelor soirée of Big Bidness.  Were Big Daddy Bidness not accommodating the regulated side of this new fam - uniting his son to the daughter of Bloated Gov'ment - his hired cohorts may have been at liberty to capitalize on the autumnal month in masquerade by concocting said nurse as a titillating world wide web mascot to distract from current internet ills.  A bustiere-ed Rococo royal would "let 'em eat cake" (to then induce double CONscience/Type 2ness - for further pharma intervention).  That induction - pseudo saccharine and heedless - purportedly lead to Marie Antonia Josephina Johanna's 'headless' end.  Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius might just appreciate the reprieve, diverting attention to some Hallow-ed as scantily-clad reveler in 'frosted' pasties bursting forth from a cake, shaped like the bus, under which Ms. Sebelius has been administratively thrown.

Feminist-foiling costumièrey may be best explored in anotha post.  Pardon, one didst digress.  Let us return, shall we, gentlesoulfolk, to the faceless XX chromo anti-citizen.  Such is quite the truncated sojourn as the preceding paragraphs suggest punany trumps punim.
Nevadaless, one is 'haunted' by the mujina's organic metaphor for identity - or lack thereof.  Anthropologist, filmmaker, and friend, John L. Jackson sparks a self-reflexive revolution in ethnography with his latest work of much merit, Thin Description.  His 'focus' is the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.  One finds the work scholarly as much as surreal.  Professor Jackson's engaging discourse is happy hour's serum after the 'visiting' lecture.  'Visual' citizen - to Other - versus that 'subjects' Own visceral identity.  He writes relentlessly of the dance - from which no being takes a breath - 'twixt mirror and 'lens'.

What is meant by taking at "face value"?  With respect to Professor Jackson's title, what is 'thinner' than a face that ain't?  Might POSTface be eerily realistic as the definitive image to repazent not?

© Conde Nast
Ah, POSTness - all coquette.  Should we wax H2Omeloncholic about our invisibility or be straight-up frightened past eek! or in the ultimate Act of Resistance-meets-Denial, even entertain a quasi amusement?

One remains empathetic to that Hawaiian resident or two battling for their sanity post-encounter.  Not withstanding that exception, the mujina as skilled shape shifter is considered a trickster - mischievous mo' than malevolent.  

Perchance there is no distinction - detectable, anyway - alluding as much to the elusive face of the mujina as any delineation betwixt H2Omeloncholy™, catatonic fear, or Théâtre de l'Absurd's dramedy.  None, whatsoeva, for is not 'successful' socio assimilation equal part trick n' treat?

Choose thy gourd.  Be it melon or pumpkin, may that H2-O-lantern o'erflow...

The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane, 1858 - John Quidor

a clever as compassionate critique
on the implausibility of

Til our next 'post', feast upon produce in season...

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